Analytic Transformation

With the commercialization and stability of open source Big Data projects like Hadoop, Map Reduce, Hbase, and Shark, enterprises are now taking a closer look at the appropriateness of this technology for their analytic needs. This is driven by many factors, including, but not limited to:

  1. Business Demands to quickly analyze large amounts of data
  2. Ability to use all information available to create new offerings, new product lines and to understand the potential impact of top and bottom lines
  3. For IT, Big Data is an opportunity to reduce capex and opex associated with provisioning and supporting the data needs of business

For both Business and IT, this will be a paradigm shift in terms of the organizational readiness to operate using the power of big data. There is a need to think of all the new capabilities that can be harnessed as well as what type of business and IT service models can accelerate and sustain such a shift (i.e. you need to transform gradually, but in a planned way into the new world of data and analytics).

This is where you need a credible and experienced partner who can guide you through the transformation process. You might have already conducted a pilot and seen the benefits of new technology, or contemplating one, and figured out the right transformational strategy, ROI, and TCO of the transformation as well as the impact of such a transformation on existing and in-flight programs and technology choices. StratApps can further help you in this journey with a tangible, result oriented, and accelerated model.

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