BI Adoption

Work with Business to help Adopt more BI and its technologies to get the desired Benefits


CompDash answers basic & advanced questions on Compensation & Commission.

  1. As a sales rep, Am I getting paid correct?
  2. Is my attainment calculated correct?
  3. What are the commissions forecast for next pay out period?


Partner Dash answers basic and advanced partner related questions

  1. Is Partner meeting his Goals comparing to his peers?
  2. Is partner on target in terms of his Annual Revenue Recognition?
  3. Is the partner staying at the correct partner type all the time? Or should we elevate him?


ROBII helped many companies realign their BI investments, increase adoption and improve infrastructure performance by measuring the usage and performance of their BI tools, applications and reports.

ROBII is driven by Big Data Predictive Algorithms, helps you identify:

  1. If the low usage and low adoption percentage is due to performance issues ?
  2. Which technologies and reports are trending so you'll be able to focus more on the correct areas.
  3. When and where the users are dropping off in order to improve usage and performance
  4. Where and how much should you be investing.