Enterprise Fraud Analytics

Grey markets or Parallel markets are distribution channels where a legal commodity finds its way around authorized channels in order to be sold at a much lower price. The trade of goods through unauthorized channels not only costs the high tech industry billions of dollars in losses annually, but the products being bought also have a negative impact on customers who may not be able to claim the manufacturer’s warranty as the product did not come through legitimate distribution channels.

If customers decide to publish their complaints online, it reaches thousands of people very easily in this modern era. And with this power, comes a new concern for brand protection.

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With Diversio, companies can:

  1. Leverage their data sources to continuously monitor more Internet channels.
  2. Locate the source and target of diversion along with the number of products being diverted and the frequency.
  3. Proactively track the product’s path globally to take corrective actions to eliminate grey market sales channels for recapuring lost revenue and regaining market share.

Safeguard your company’s brand equity, web traffic, marketing investments, revenue and reputation from a wide range of brand abuse with Diversio.


  1. Tracks diversion sources, targets and identifies useful patterns
  2. Plot the number of inbound, outbound and domestic diversions
  3. Save millions of dollars written off as business losses and increase profitability
  4. Flag and prevent future fraudulent activity