Analytic Transformation


Business Transformation

We have always believed that, while Big Data Technology is a necessary ingredient to enabling better and faster insights, it has to be driven by business transformation. Unless you transform both the business and the technology environment, there is very little value you get from Big Data. It is possible you may see pockets of ROI with a sandbox environment, however, it is very critical to elevate this to an enterprise level by identifying the levers that can expedite the Big Data adoption and run the business with advanced insights. Our experience in transforming large and small companies to data driven organizations has firmly established this fact.

This is a top-down approach and we work with you to lay out the roadmap and the execution plan that can enable the Big Data culture within your organization. And it doesn't stop there. We will socialize, get the buy in, and construct the business case as well as jumpstart it with initial human capital to make this successful. In certain scenarios, we may bring in one of our few select advisory partner companies that specialize in your vertical to make this happen.

Our Big Data Business Transformation Services are targeted towards:

  1. Assessment of existing BI and Analytics service delivery models
  2. Benchmark against industry standards
  3. Advise on rationalization and elevation of organizational capabilities
  4. Recommend a pragmatic, go-forward Big Data service delivery model along with the needed Governance Framework
  5. Thought leadership in defining and delivering ROI driven Big Data themes

As with all StratApps's services, we will work with you to implement these recommendations and guide you through the process.


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