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Channel Persona

Competition is everywhere. Your trusted partners may be aligning with your competitors as we speak, and you, maybe you're in the middle of signing another partnership and want to really know what you are getting into.

With Channel Persona, you can get these answers and drive your Channel Ecosystem for better results. We bring our collective BigData and advanced analytics experience to mine the internet and provide you with quantitative insights into your channels. This includes competitive affinity of your channel partner, how your channel partner is responding to your programs vs. your competitor’s programs, how your geographic coverage stacks up with your product lines and against the competition. Our dedicated, secure data center and professionals will enable you to get in front of the target to make sure your time and investment are well spent.

With Channel Persona, you can create, grow, and optimize your channel strategy by:

  1. Identifying which existing partners and geography should you focus on and why
  2. Discovering new partners and nurturing existing strategic partners
  3. Understanding channel white space, product white space, and competitive affinity


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For Individual Marketing, we recommend Contact Persona

The response rates of your marketing initiatives are directly proportional to the behavior and state of the recipient. With Contact Persona, whether you have hundreds or millions of records, you can get the complete profile of each target to make sure they will be ready to hear your message at the right time.

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