Data as a Service

StratApps Data as a Service is built for Sales and Marketing organizations to take advantage of the capabilities of Big Data without investing in the infrastructure required to do so. Specifically, our services provide advanced insights based on social media and internet of things that is not available within your BI systems. By using complex text mining, our repository of keywords, and using our patent pending algorithm of quantifying readily available information in your context, you can drive your inside sales efforts, marketing campaigns, and channel development based on concrete data instead of hoping for a miracle.

Our Contact Persona and Channel Persona Data as a Service enable you to

  1. Segregate your leads into categories specific to your industry
  2. Enhance the information about the lead and partner with relevant information using web assets and social media
  3. Receive the competitive affinity of your leads and partners
  4. Understand your partner ecosystem against your competitors
  5. Create an effective capability and geography partner ecosystem for a new offering
  6. Optimize the channel ecosystem because of acquisitions and mergers, thus reducing overlaps and increasing penetration

In addition, we advise on how you can make use of this information to drive ROI on your campaigns, Hi-Touch Channel Ecosystems as well as how to integrate the output of our service to your existing processes and systems.

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