Data Mining Use Case

We have created an example use case for you to explore. The data we are providing relates to bank loans and contains profiles of applicants applying for a loan. It has 5000 observations for 9 variables (Age, Education, Years of current job, years of current address, Salary Debt to income ratio, Credit-Debt, Other-Debt and Previously-Default). Level of education is a categorical variable with 1 as did not finish high school, 2 as high school, 3 as B.S, 4 as M.S and 4 as PHD. Previously Default is a binary variable with 0 as not qualified for a loan and 1 as qualified. All the other variables are numeric. In this use case, we have used KNIME, an open source data analytics, reporting and integration platform to analyze the bank loan data. Our installation and data mining guide will go through the example step by step.

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Bank Loans Sampling


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