Hierarchical Edge Bundling

Hierarchical edge bundling allows visualizing adjacency relations between entities organized in a hierarchy. This idea is to bundle them together to decrease the clutter usually observed in complex networks. Before implementing hierarchical edge bundling, it is pivotal to understand that the input data is composed of both hierarchy and a list of links between the elements of hierarchy.

Use Cases:

Whenever there is one-to- many relationship or many-to-many relationship between the data, we can represent it according to our choice. By creating a two level hierarchy, we can make the data interaction work between Tableau workbook and advanced charts

EDW subject areas and associated tables: For example, each subject area can be associated with multiple tables and vice versa.

Vendors and their respective partners: Each vendor can be associated with multiple partners and vice versa.

Employee names can be associated with their job responsibilities and vice versa

Product categories can be associated with manufacturers and vice versa.