Whether you are in Hardware or Software manufacturing, your growth relies on your product superiority and the ecosystem you have created. Competition is intense, so you need to deliver new products in quick time or acquire smaller, niche players to increase your portfolio. While data volumes is not a very big challenge, variety and velocity is required to keep the pulse of the business and also to accurately predict the outcomes of go to market initiatives.

Reduce IT
Opex and Capex

  • Accelerate Delivery
    • Reduce multi-step data processing
    • Integrate M&As with simplified schema-less frameworks
    • Reduce and eliminate summarizations and aggregations
  • Hardware and License Costs
    • Eliminate the need for high end processing nodes
    • Ability to move back to server based licensing for traditional technologies instead of ULA (unlimited Access License)

Increase ROI
from Marketing

  • Channel Insights
    • Competitive Affinity
    • Product Whitespace
    • Geographic Whitespace
    • Micro-segmented Partner programs
  • Contact Insights
    • Contextual Profile
    • Targeted Campaigns
    • Prospect Touch point Recommendations

Customer Experience

  • Recommendation based experience
    • Majority of issues resolved online
    • Renewals and Upgrades based on profile than on standard agreements
    • Proactive and preventive support by predicting issues before they occur

As shown above, Hi Tech companies can drive many benefits by transitioning to the Big Insights Platform. However, this should not come as a point solution, rather a deliberate, planned, but accelerated transformation in specific business areas and supporting IT areas. A clear roadmap that takes all existing data flows into account, overlays it with multiple in-flight initiatives, and creates a valid business case is a suggested first step in this transformation. It may also take into account any existing Big Data sandboxes one may have implemented.

StratApps helps Hi-Tech companies to transform from a traditional BI based model to a Big Insights model using our industry and technology expertise. Our success is based on how quickly and seamlessly can you drive value from this transformation.