HiveDeveloper is a Hive query tool developed by StratApps. HiveDeveloper gives users the power to visualize their data stored in Hadoop through a minimalistic, but powerful user interface.

Many times, key information is overlooked simply because Hadoop deals with large data sets and one thing is for sure, it's messy. With a basic understanding of SQL and the help of HiveDeveloper, users will be able to instantly receive only the information they need from the database through table views.

**The tool is free for use. Request a download link today!

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NEW! in HiveDeveloper Version 3.0 (12/9/14)

  1. SCP: Allows transfer of directory files to and from your local machine to remote machines, including HDFS.

HiveDeveloper Main Features:

  1. Connect to multiple databases
  2. Custom code queries
  3. Table Comparison
  4. Timestamps and Query History
  5. Export data table to Excel
  6. Generates logs and backup information so you don't lose your work
  7. More secure file transfers between local and remote machines.
  8. Upload local files from your Desktop to Hadoop instances
  9. Connects to Shark which show query performance improvement by 50x!
  10. DDL operations are now easier to use. You can Drop, Truncate, Rename Tables, Alter Tables, Add Columns, Add Partitions, View Top Rows, and much more all without having to write scripts.
  11. Install HiveDeveloper on your Windows, MacOSx, or Linux machine.

Few Companies that use HiveDeveloper

  • Intel
  • HP
  • Visa
  • EA
  • MyLife
  • MapR
  • Vertex
  • Amazon
  • HortonWorks
  • Rocket Fuel
  • Walgreens
  • StubHub
  • Comcast
  • Home Depot

Thank You!

StratApps is grateful to the open source community for allowing us to build high quality and low cost software to provide inexpensive solutions for our customers. As our way to give back, we'd like to share a piece of software with the open source community that we use on a daily basis.

We encourage users of HiveDeveloper to please write to us if there are any questions, comments, or feedback. We've created this for you and will continue to improve upon it. Our mission is to make it easier for our users to make sense of their data, so the direction we are headed for HiveDeveloper is to understand how folks are using this tool and build it in a way that's simple to use, but has all the features needed for complex analyzation.