Welcome to our Big Data Play Arena. As you can see, on your right, our engineers have built fully packaged VMs for you to download and practice Hadoop on your own time. You can also download the sample data and basic predictive analytic models we have created.

The download includes the following components:

  1. Hadoop 1.2.x distribution
  2. A virtual machine image running Ubuntu Linux 12.0.4 , pre-configured with Hadoop
  3. VMware Player software to run the virtual machine image
  4. HiveDeveloper 2.1
  5. Sample Data
  6. All documentation needed to install, explore and play with the sample data

This section will be continually updated with more play materials. So check back often and also sign up to get updates when we add new content. You can also check the LEARN section for understanding Hadoop and related Open Source Technolgies. And of course, your feedback is always welcome for us to understand if you are getting value out of this and to understand what other areas you may be interested in Big Insights.