According to Gartner Inc, standard business intelligence (BI) tools are used by less than 30 percent of potential users. This low uptake is due to the fact that the longstanding tools and approaches to BI are often too difficult to use, slow to respond, or deliver content of limited relevance. With our BI consumerization package that includes more than 50 KPIs, you will be able to understand user behavior and put together a roadmap to effectively drive BI adoption. ROBII has helped many companies realign their BI investments, increase adoption and improve infrastructure performance by measuring the usage and performance of their BI tools, applications and reports.

ROBII, driven by Big Data Predictive Algorithms, helps you identify:

  1. If the low usage and low adoption percentage is due to performance issues ?
  2. Which technologies and reports are trending so you'll be able to focus more on the correct areas.
  3. When and where the users are dropping off in order to improve usage and performance
  4. Where and how much should you be investing.

Whether you are in sales, support, marketing or management, analyzing your data through reports is key to defining what works and what doesn’t. With StratApps, we provide you with that information all integrated in one place and across departments so that you can easily increase the profitability of your business.


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With ROBII, you'll be able to see:

  1. If the new workforce ready to adopt to to your current BI tools.
  2. How well the user base is utilizing the BI infrastructure.
  3. If you are focusing in areas that need that extra lift.
  4. What cost is associated with delivering BI across the enterprise.
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