StratApps provides services to companies that benefit from large scale data management. We focus on enabling organizations to use data as a growth lever. Whether you are a startup or Fortune 500, we want you to have all the pieces you need to make informed decisions to increase profits, optimize utilization of resources, and focus on areas of growth.

We help users of data management technology, businesses large and small to create and implement their most challenging analytic solutions. We help our customers select and deploy database management systems and open source technologies such as Hadoop. We help you define your strategy and requirements; develop your architecture and select your platforms. We’ll provide design and engineering expertise to help with every phase of your data management system lifecycle.

StratApps offers many services including:

  1. Analytic Transformations for Business and Technology
  2. Data as a Service, Channel and Contact Persona, for Marketing and Sales
  3. Enterprise BI for Reporting and Analytical Solutions
  4. Creating software that simplifies new technologies, reduces time to market, increases returns, or protects your business.