Analytic Transformation


Technology Tansformation

You have already been flooded with Big Data, MPP, Hybrid, Cloud and all kinds of buzz words. This is where we come in. We will help you to filter out the noise and deliver a strategy and roadmap that is customized for your environment. Our experience has shown that no single approach works for every customer situation. You have existing investments that you have already made; you may have multiple initiatives in flight as well as in planning stages and of course there is always the pressure of getting more done with less.

Our technology transformation services take all this into perspective and provide a clear, executable and success based Big Data Technology transformation model that can deliver the cost effectiveness and data needs for your business community. We additionally will provide the execution team that can make this a reality.

Our Big Data Technology Transformations will:

  1. Enable a technology roadmap that is realistic, achievable and aligned to business objectives
  2. Provide in depth information on the technology stack that is suitable for the needs
  3. Align the data flows and systems to be the consumer or the feeder of the Big Data Platform
  4. Deliver tangible and measurable ROIs in quick time
  5. Recommend a cost-effective Technology Service Delivery Model with the right blend of internal, onsite and offshore functions


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