Communication Service Providers/ Telcos are in a transition period. Infrastructure Upgrades, Service Delivery Costs, Regulations, and Competition are slowing revenue growth and increasing operational costs. Early mover advantages are diminishing as more established players are expanding geographically. For example, one of the major Telcos is now determining if they should move to SDN (Software Defined Networking) to reduce the costs of delivery. But, what impact will it have on QoS (Quality of Service), especially if they add more mobile offerings in the short and medium term?

Telcos, more than any other industry today need the information at their fingertips to address these challenges. Our research shows that a typical data flow in Telco passes through an average of 6 systems before it gets to the hand of marketing users! That too, many a time, only aggregated or summarized information is available for users to perform analysis. And all of this after spending millions of dollars in high end infrastructures needed to crunch terabytes of data.

It is simplistic to say that Big Insights platform will be the panacea to address all these challenges. However, Big Insights technology, combined with a robust transformational process on the IT and Business side can definitely work wonders in reducing the time to market (exponentially) at a very reasonable cost while sun setting the traditional monolithic analytics infrastructures.

So, the question for you as a Telco is not if Big Data is ready for prime time, it is are you ready for Big Insights? StratApps has the experience to jump start and enable this transformation for you.